The Colasit CANW ammonia emergency scrubber is installed for the removal of ammonia that has escaped from refrigeration systems. The emergency scrubber dimensions are tailored to the NH3 content of the refrigeration system and the volume of the central cooling system.

The emergency scrubber starts automatically in the event of an NH3 incident. The released ammonia is neutralized by the addition of sulfuric acid.

CANW emergency scrubber made of plastic to clean ammonia vapours that escape from refrigeration systems - Colasit



Volume flow:
min. 1000 m3/h to max. 4000 m3/h


Made of non-corrosive PP plastic. Packaging materials ensure sufficient boundary surface area between the gas and fluid phase. A mist eliminator is used to separate liquid drops that have been carried along.

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Version available in ATEX zones 1 + 2


  • Process controller
  • Drip tray


Individual configuration according to your specifications