The Colasit CRHE cross-flow exhaust air scrubber with a horizontal design cleans contamination from highly-contaminated process air up to a volume of 70000 m³/h. Special versions with higher air performance are available on request.

Into the horizontally flowing exhaust air, a washing liquid is injected in a cycle, which washes out the water-soluble contaminants by adding alkalis or acids. A collection tank collects the pollutants.

CRHE cross-flow exhaust air and gas scrubbers made of plastic to separate environmentally harmful substances - Colasit



Cleaning highly-contaminated process air with acidic or alkaline contamination in:

  • The food industry
  • The pharmaceutical, chemical or biochemical industry
  • Semiconductor, solar and surface technology
  • Wastewater treatment plants and waste recycling facilities
  • Composting
  • Drying processes


Volume flow:
min. 1500 m3/h to max. 70000 m3/h
up to max. 99 %


Made of non-corrosive plastics: PP, PPs, PE, PVC, PVDF, GRP. Packaging materials ensure sufficient boundary surface area between the gas and fluid phase. A mist eliminator is used to separate liquid drops that have been carried along.

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Version available in ATEX zones 1 + 2


  • pH measurement, conductometry measurement
  • Chemical dosing, dosing tank
  • Automatic sludge removal from the washing fluid
  • Design for outdoor installation, screw-in heater
  • Inclined bottom
  • Redundant scrubber pump
  • Aerosol separator
  • Alternative packaging material
  • Splash guard
  • Process control
  • Containment basin


Individual design according to your specifications.