Colasit special radial fan with free-running impeller for installation in an existing housing.

The robust CFRP impeller is driven by an asynchronous motor. The fan can be installed vertically. The motor is encapsulated in order to protect it from aggressive substances. Additional cooling connections provide the necessary cooling.

Special fan made of plastic as the main fan for exhaust air gas water - Colasit



Volume flow:
min. 2000 m3/h to max. 6500 m3/h
Static pressure:
min. 500 Pa to max. 2100 Pa
Efficiency (tot. mech.):
up to max. 60 %
Inlet and outlet Ø:
300 mm

Housing material

No housing, plastic part made of PVC

Impeller material

Carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP)


Direct drive