Colasit mist eliminators, demisters and aerosol separator clean liquid-laden exhaust air and gases in which small droplet of harmful and process substances develop, which must be separated. This is mainly required in surface refinement companies, the chemical and electronics industries and in exhaust air cleaning systems with wet scrubbers.

Mist eliminator made of plastic to eliminate liquids from the gas and exhaust air stream - Colasit



The exhaust air taken in by a plastic fan is deflected several times by a set of lamella packs. 

Due to their inertia, the entrained droplets collide with the lamella packs, where they are separated and can be removed from the system. The separation performance is defined by the smallest still separable particle, the so-called cut-off droplet.


Volume flow:
min. 100 m3/h to max. 150000 m3/h


The optimum profile shape and procedural parameters are defined specifically for each project and according to the customer’s requirements. The system dimensions are basically designed to achieve a separation rate of 99.9% of all droplets that are larger than the limit droplet diameter.