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Plastic technologist, Swiss apprenticeship certificate, EFZ

The four-year apprenticeship to become a plastic technologist, EFZ provides you with knowledge and skills for handling practical craft work in plastic construction. You will machine products made of plastic and can use your manual craft capabilities in your daily work. You will receive insights into the fans, apparatus construction, pipeline construction, ventilation construction, exhaust air purification and fibre composite moulded materials departments. You will weld various vessels together, manufacture ventilation pipes and machine impellers of different sizes. You process the materials with modern tools and machines. The varied range of tasks make the apprenticeship not just exciting but also promote team spirit in addition to your craft skills.

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Exciting apprenticeships in the plastic technology area - Colasit

You have

  • A certificate of secondary school or a good certificate of ”Realschule”
  • Interest in technology and enjoy practical tasks
  • Independence
  • Team spirit
  • Honesty and friendliness

You can expect

  • An exciting and varied daily routine in an international company
  • A family environment with the motto “encourage& challenge”
  • An insight into various departments
  • A young and friendly vocational training team

Plastic technologist, Swiss apprenticeship certificate, EFZ

  • Apprenticeship duration             4 years
  • Vocational school                         Aarau
  • Leave                                              at least 25 days


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Allen Stuart
In-house trainer for plastic technologist, EFZ

in plastics.

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