Colasit industrial, laboratory and building fans for chemically aggressive exhaust air and gases

Excellent service life and efficiency

Comprehensive product range

For flow rates of up to 132000 m³/h and a static pressure of up to 7000 Pa, also available as an ATEX version

Chemically resistant plastic fans for worldwide use

Colasit develops and produces centrifugal fans, duct fans, roof fans and special fans made of chemically resistant plastic and is a leader when it comes to the product range, service life and energy efficiency for industrial, building and laboratory fans made of plastic. For applications in potentially explosive atmospheres, the fans are available in ATEX version for zone 1 (category 2) or zone 2 (category 3).

The product selection supports you in choosing the optimum fan for your application. For a detailed configuration, our online configurator ColaVent® is available.

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The fans are made of the following plastic depending on the requirements:

  • PP: Polypropylene
  • PPs: Polypropylene, low flammability
  • PPs white: Polypropylene, low flammability, white coloured
  • PPs-el: Polypropylene, low flammability, electrically conductive 
  • PVDF: Polyvinylidene fluoride, very good thermal and chemical resistance 
  • PVC: Polyvinyl chloride 
  • PE: Polyethylene


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Best in class CMVpro®

In energy efficiency worldwide

Colasit is a leader when it comes to the product range, service life and energy efficiency for industrial fans made of plastic.

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Professional online configurator for Colasit fans.

Individual configuration for your application.

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