Colasit cleaning systems made of plastic for environmentally harmful exhaust air

Setting the standard for clean air

Application-specific design

For flow rates of up to 70000 m³/h and a cleaning efficiency of up to 99.9%, with heat recovery and also available as an ATEX version

Environmental technology to clean chemically aggressive exhaust air

Colasit develops and produces exhaust air scrubbers, waste gas scrubbers, absorbers made of plastic to clean exhaust air and gaseous media, as a vertical counterflow scrubber or as horizontal cross-flow scrubber. Wet scrubbing is an efficient process for washing out water-soluble pollutants from exhaust air and process waste gases. 

We have comprehensive process know-how for the customised design and engineering of complete exhaust air purification systems. Our specialists produce and deliver individual components or complete systems of exhaust air scrubbers, fans, heat exchangers, mist eliminators and ventilation ducts/pipes including control systems. We offer installation, servicing and spare parts service as additional services.

Our exhaust air purification systems are mainly used in the surface technology, microelectronics, solar industry, environment and process technology, as well as the food industry. 


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