Colasit apparatus construction and pre-cut parts made of plastic for a wide range of applications

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Plastic apparatus construction, plastic housings, pre-cut parts

Colasit manufactures plastic apparatuses and plastic housings, as well as pre-cut parts made of thermoplastics as individual components and series products.

Furthermore, our specialists support you with the layout, design and engineering. We use modern CNC machines for production based on a plan drawing produced by you or together with us.

Our material range includes (not exhaustive):
  • PE-HD         Polyethylene, high density
  • PE100         Polyethylene 100 
  • PE500         Polyethylene 500
  • PE1000       Polyethylene 1000
  • PE-n            Polyethylene, natural
  • PE-el           Polyethylene, electrically conductive
  • PP-H           Polypropylene homopolymer 
  • PP-n            Polypropylene, natural
  • PPs             Polypropylene, non-flammable 
  • PPs-el         Polypropylene, electrically conductive, non-flammable
  • PVC-U         Polyvinyl chloride, unplasticized 
  • PVC-C         Polyvinyl chloride, post chlorinated 
  • PVDF          Polyvinylidene fluoride
  • ECTFE        Ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene 
  • POM           Polyoxymethylene
  • PEEK          Polyether ether ketone
  • PET             Polyethylene terephthalate


Thanks to many years of experience in plastic apparatus construction, Colasit guarantees optimised solutions from a single source.


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