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Plastic pre-cut parts


Colasit offers plastic pre-cut parts and plastic machining made of soft standard and high-performance plastics as custom-made products for individual components or for series production. 

Our range of services comprises:

  • CNC plastic turned parts
  • CNC plastic milled parts 
  • Heating and bending plastic
  • Plastic gluing
  • Plastic welding
  • Drilling 
  • Surface treatment such as polishing
Pre-cut parts made of plastic, milled, bent, cut to size with holes and threads - Colasit

Plastic range of materials and colours

Pre-cut parts made of plastic, CNC-milled - Colasit

CNC processing for plastics

Colasit plastic milled parts - Colasit

Plastic milled parts

Plastic turned parts - Colasit

Plastic turned parts

The product range includes, among others:

  • Safety screens
  • Cover plates
  • Slide profiles
  • Abrasion protection plates
  • Spacer plates
  • Cover profiles
  • Advertising panels Plastic parts
  • Plastic covers

Thanks to many years of experience in plastic machining, Colasit guarantees you comprehensive and competent consultation, as well as fast and efficient processing for your order from the time it was placed to delivery.

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