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Professional assembly/installation of fans, ventilation systems, exhaust air treatment systems, process plants, piping made of plastic


Our assembly team consists of assembly managers and fitters with a high level of know-how and experience in the complete range of Colasit plastic construction services. 

Depending on the scope and conditions on site, we form our assembly team, which is led by an experienced assembly or project manager. Our professional equipment guarantees an efficient installation process and high mounting quality. 

Insertion and mounting, installation of a plastic vessel - Colasit

Insertion and mounting, installation of a plastic vessel

Insertion and mounting, installation of a plastic vessel - Colasit

Assembly, installation of a plastic exhaust air purification system

Mounting, installation of earth-laid ventilation ducts, ventilation pipes - Colasit

Assembly, installation of earth-laid PE ventilation ducts

Mounting, installation of plastic pipes and fittings, plastic ductwork construction - Colasit

Plastic piping construction

 Assembly, placement in service of plastic fans - Colasit

Assembly, commissioning, start-up of Colasit plastic fans

Our assembly services include:

  • Pre-assembly in our factory for short assembly times

  • Plastic welding 

  • Assembly and commissioning plastic fans

  • Assembly ventilation systems and underground ventilation pipes

  • Assembly and commissioning exhaust air purification systems 

  • Assembly and commissioning Process plants, Aquaculture plants, vessels, pipelines and other system components 


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