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Periodic inspection of vessels and tanks made of plastics


Tanks and vessels, as well as other types of system components made of plastic for liquids that are harmful to water require a periodic inspection. 

Over the course of many years, Colasit has developed the expertise and technology to build, inspect and maintain all types of tanks and vessels. 

Inspecting plastic tanks and plastic vessels made of PP, PE, PPs, PVDF - Colasit

As a KVU (SVTI) certified company, our range of services comprises inspecting and checking tanks, vessels and other system components:

  • Visual inspection of the cover, jacket and bottom 
  • Visual inspection of the connections 
  • Visual inspection of the level measurement indicators 
  • Checking the safety-relevant level measurement systems such as the overflow guard or the leak monitor in collecting trays

Colasit certificates according to KVU, SVTI

Water protection regulations for storage facilities and transfer stations with water-polluting liquids are regulated in Switzerland in the KVU guidelines. The SVTI is recognised as official body by the KVU.

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