Energy recovery from corrosive exhaust air and gases

A contribution to the environment and sustainability

Plastic heat exchanger solutions

Up to 150000 m³/h

Heat recovery in combination with wet exhaust air scrubbers and exhaust air plants


Colasit offers heat recovery systems in combination with exhaust air scrubbers from consultation, planning, production and installation/assembly to commissioning. These systems make sense both from an environmental point of view and business economics.

The required heat exchangers for heat recovery are con designed according to requirements and installed in the overall system in the following variations:
In front of the wet scrubbers as a separate heat exchanger unit in the exhaust air duct
Heat exchanger unit for optimal space utilization inside the scrubber housing

Energy recovery - your contribution to environmental protection!

Plastic heat exchangers installed directly in the exhaust air wet scrubber to use the energy from exhaust air and flue gases - Colasit


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