Colasit process plant construction made of plastic for chemically aggressive liquids

Setting the standard for plastic construction



Colasit has many years of expertise in plastic construction and provides competent consultation, as well as engineering services for complete plants, partial systems and individual components. 

Benefit from our specialist knowledge: We will advise you during the project phase when selecting the optimal plastic, as well as during calculation, configuration, design, assembly, commissioning and servicing your plant.

Transfer station for tank storage facilities made of plastic with pumps and piping in a plastic casing - Colasit

Chemicals, transfer station with pumps and piping made of plastic

Storage tank system made of PE plastic to store chemically aggressive chemicals and liquids that are harmful to water - Colasit

Indoor storage tank system with transfer stations for chemicals made of plastic

Fish farm in plastic PE for fresh water fish farming - Colasit

Indoor fish farming facility with fish tank made of PE

We process many different thermoplastics, partially foamed or in different colours. Below a selection:
  • PE-HD - Polyethylene, high density
  • PE100 - Polyethylene 100 
  • PE500 - Polyethylene 500 
  • PE1000 - Polyethylene 1000
  • PE-n - Polyethylene, natural
  • PE-el - Polyethylene, electrically conductive
  • PP-H - Polypropylene homopolymer
  • PP-n - Polypropylene, natural
  • PPs - Polypropylene, non-flammable
  • PPs-el - Polypropylene, electrically conductive, non-flammable 
  • PVC-U - Polyvinyl chloride, unplasticized
  • PVC-C - Polyvinyl chloride, post chlorinated
  • PVDF - Polyvinylidene fluoride
  • ECTFE - Ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene
  • POM - Polyoxymethylene
  • PEEK - Polyether ether ketone
  • PET - Polyethylene terephthalate
Our range of services in engineering comprises:
  • Consultation for selecting the right plastic with regard to chemical resistance and a constructive solution
  • Configuration and strength calculations based on regulations such as for liquids hazardous to water
  • 3D planning and design drawings in CAD Solidworks
  • Establishing of P&ID diagrams
  • Data in all common formats


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