Colasit tank and vessel construction made of plastic for chemically aggressive liquids

Setting the standard for plastic construction

Plastic vessels, plastic storage tanks and plastic troughs

According to the customer’s requirements, Colasit produces both round and rectangular vessels, tanks and troughs made of thermoplastics, with or without agitator, with additional fittings and attachments, as well as measurement and control equipment. 

We have well-founded knowledge of legislation in the field of water-polluting liquids and many years of expertise in the entire range of thermoplastic processing.

The vessels are designed according to requirements, e.g., with a flat bottom, conical bottom, inclined bottom, tapered or flat roof. If required, we will provide you with the required piping for connecting the vessels and tanks to the complete plant.

For higher pressure, strength and temperature requirements, special vessels with GRP reinforcement are produced.

Our range of services comprises,

  • Consultation, concept
  • Engineering, design and 3D planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly 
  • Periodic inspection of vessels and tanks
  • Servicing


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Colasit certificates according to KVU, SVTI

Water protection regulations for storage facilities and transfer stations with water-polluting liquids are regulated in Switzerland in the KVU guidelines. The SVTI is recognised as official body by the KVU.

Assessment and application list