Colasit process plant construction made of plastic for chemically aggressive liquids

Setting the standard for plastic construction

Complete systems - process plant construction made of plastic


Colasit supplies complete plants with customised design, engineering, and 3D planning, as well as individual components such as vessels, storage tanks, pipeline construction, control systems, etc. 

At Colasit, you get everything process-optimised from a single source: 

Tank storage farm facilities, plants, dosing stations, pipeline construction, mounting, made of plastic - Colasit

Chemical storage with delivery and dosing station

Engineering, tanks, vessels, dosing stations, pipeline construction, assembly, made of plastic - Colasit

Tank storage facilities with round and rectangular tanks of up to 60m³ made of PP and PE plastic

Engineering, fish tanks, moving bed bio reactor, airlift, breeding channels, degassing system made of plastic - Colasit

Aquaculture plant for fish farming with an annual production as of 20t

Process plant to abate contaminated wastewater made of plastic with plastic pipelines - Colasit

Process plant to abate contaminated wastewater

Use for recycling systems, treatment plants, separation systems made of plastic - Colasit

Separation system for multi-stage separation


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