Energy recovery from corrosive exhaust air and gases

A contribution to the environment and sustainability

Plastic heat exchanger solutions

Up to 150000 m³/h

Heat recovery integrated into exhaust air systems, extraction systems and ventilation ducts

Colasit solution

Thanks to many years of experience, Colasit offers an alternative to the designs with an exhaust air central unit/monobloc/AHU. Our specialists integrated heat exchangers, exhaust air filters, fans and silencers directly into the exhaust air pipe. This solution saves space and simplifies both system maintenance and servicing.

Energy recovery from exhaust air and gases with heat exchangers for wet scrubbers used for exhaust air purification - Colasit
Exhaust air system with ventilation flap, heat exchanger, fan and splitter silencer

Exhaust air central unit / monobloc / AHUs (air handling units)

Central exhaust air units known as AHUs (air handling units) or monoblocs are used for energy recovery and to reduce noise emissions in combination with filter systems. Upon customer request, Colasit offers central exhaust air units, AHUs or monoblocs, made of thermoplastic plastics for aggressive, corrosive exhaust air.

Exhaust air central unit, monobloc, AHUs - air handling units made of plastic for aggressive, corrosive exhaust air and gases - Colasit
Exhaust air unit made of plastic

Documents about Colasit ventilation components

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