Earth-laid ventilation pipes made of plastic for clean supply air and exhaust air

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Thanks to consultation, planning and many years of experience for special requirements such as ingrowing roots, meteoric and seepage water

Earth-laid ventilation pipes, ventilation ducts, earth register to convey air


Colasit builds earth-laid ventilation pipes, ventilation ducts and earth register out of plastic to absorb heat from the ground. 

Earth register use the airflow for temperature exchange - for heating in winter and cooling in summer. Earth-laid ventilation pipes are made of ageing-resistant PE-HD plastic with a diameter range of 200 - 2000mm or larger. 

Ventilation systems, earth register, earth-laid ventilation pipes, ventilation pipes made of plastic for supply air and exhaust air - Colasit

Our range of services includes

  • customised design and engineering, also for special requirements against ingrowing roots, meteoric and seepage water or water pressure
  • earth-laid silencers for ventilation inlets and outlets
  • complete plastic pipeline or as prefabricated individual components
  • installation and assembly on-site

Colasit offers high quality solutions for earth-laid piping and guarantees that your order will be processed efficiently. Let us convince you!

Documents about Colasit ventilation components

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