Colasit round ventilation components made of plastic for corrosive exhaust air and gases

Setting the standard for plastic construction and short delivery times

Optimum ventilation solutions

Thanks to consultation, planning and professional assembly in welded design construction

Ventilation pipes and round moulded or shaped ventilation parts


Colasit has many years of experience and provides competent consultation for optimised solutions in the round ventilation components and moulded ventilation parts area. Short delivery times due to generous stocks of standard items as well as rapid production of individual components through automated process flows make our offer unique.

Y-piece 45° with socket

Y-piece 90° with socket

Ventilation pipe

Colasit reduction with socket

Symmetrical reduction with socket

Pipe bend 30° with socket

Pipe bend 45° with socket

Pipe bend 90° with socket

Pipe deviation

Saddle pipes 45°

Saddle pipes 45° with socket

Saddle pipes 90°

Saddle pipes 90° with socket

Segmental bend 30°

Segmental bend 45°

Segmental bend 90°

T-piece 45° with or without socket

T-piece 45° with socket

T-piece 90° with or without socket

T-piece 90° with socket

Documents about Colasit ventilation components

All data sheets are available as PDF files in the download centre. 

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