Colasit pipeline construction made of plastic for chemically aggressive liquids and gases

Setting the standard for plastic construction

Double piping with a high standard of safety for vessel and plant piping


The safe handling of environmentally hazardous media results in high requirements for the pipe system that conveys the media. 

Double pipe systems made of high-quality plastics (PE, PP, PVC, PVDF, ECTFE, PTFE, etc.) Are ideal for all applications in this regard and can be connected homogeneously using different welding procedures. Therefore, aggressive liquids are prevented from leakage in order to protect people, the environment and nature.

CONTAIN-IT, double pipe system made of plastic for double safety - Colasit

CONTAIN-IT, double pipe system for double safety

Poly-Flo plastic double pipe made of PE100 for leak-tightness in pipeline construction - Colasit

Poly-Flo plastic double pipe made of PE100

Colasit-Cool-FIT double pipelines for leak-tightness in pipeline construction - Colasit

Cool-FIT, insulated PE pipeline with corrosion-free insulation

Double pipes offer safe media transport in almost all pipe dimensions. In order to monitor the double jacket for leaks, we can supply you with the appropriate leak monitoring system.

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