Colasit pipeline construction made of plastic for chemically aggressive liquids and gases

Setting the standard for plastic construction

Process and chemical pipelines


Colasit manufactures process pipelines, chemical pipelines and corrosion-resistant pipelines made of thermoplastics according to the customer-specific design, including engineering, 3D planning, prefabrication, installation, assembly and maintenance.

PE pipeline construction for the chemical industry, purification systems, waste incineration - Colasit

PE pipeline outdoors

Plastic pipelines as piping on plate heat exchangers in a reprocessing plant - Colasit

Process pipelines made of plastic

Power plant pipeline construction made of plastic for a water power plant - Colasit

Power plant piping made of plastic

PP pipelines for chemically-aggressive, corrosive liquids and gases - Colasit

Connecting pipelines made of PP

Plastic pipe construction in the chemical industry - Colasit

Plastic pipe construction in the chemical industry

Plastic pressure pipeline for recovery systems

ATEX pipeline construction made of electrically-conductive plastic - Colasit

ATEX pipeline made of electrically-conductive plastic

PVC pipeline construction - Colasit

PVC pipeline construction

Data sheets, brochures for process and chemical pipeline construction

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