Colasit system technology for sustainable breeding of fish, seafood and aquatic plants

Individual solutions in plastic construction

Hatching channels and artemia systems for aquacultures


Colasit produces customer-specific, high-quality PE channels including accessories for hatching and feeding salmonids. 

In addition, we offer rectangular tanks for hatching channels as well as complete systems for artemia production, designed as round tanks with a translucent conical bottom for phototactic separation.

Breeding channels for aquaculture plants made of plastic for sustainable fish farming and producing seafood and aquatic plants – Colasit
Breeding channels with bio certificate

Tank made of polyethylene plastic (PE HD) in the following colours:

  • Standard colours

    - Black (UV-stabilised) for indoors and outdoors

    - Standard white for indoors or (UV-stabilised) for outdoors

    - Standard light blue for indoors or (UV-stabilised) for outdoors

  • Special colour

    - Green for indoors

Data sheets, brochures for the breeding channels

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