Colasit system technology for sustainable breeding of fish, seafood and aquatic plants

Individual solutions in plastic construction

Fish tanks, breeding tanks made of PE plastic for fish farms facilities


Fish tank, breeding tank made of PE plastic for fish farm facilities. Colasit designs, plans, produces and installs fish tanks according to customer requirements. 

Standard circular current tanks are made of polyethylene (PE-HD) and fulfil the physiological safety according to BFR and comply with EU10/2011 and FDA food conformity. The design in polyethylene plastic (PE-HD) provides significant advantages when compared to a tank designed of fibreglass-reinforced plastic (GRP) or concrete.

Fish tank made of plastic for fish farming and producing seafood and aquatic plants -
Fish farming tank with automatic skimmer
Design variants for fish tanks made of PE plastic:
  • Adjustable tank feed - flow course can be adjusted to optimum
  • Slightly conical base - the flow to the middle of the tank cleans the base continuously
  • External skimmer box 
  • Height-adjustable surface skimming
  • Tank discharge with stand pipe or excrement pit with mesh or mesh basket
  • Standard colours

    - Black (UV-stabilised) for indoors and outdoors

    - Standard white for indoors or (UV-stabilised) for outdoors

    - Standard light blue for indoors or (UV-stabilised) for outdoors

  • Special colour

    - Green for indoors

  • Dimensions
    ≤ Ø3000mm, H= ≤ 2000mm, completely assembled, without special transport
    ≤ Ø5000mm, H= ≤ 3500mm, prefabricated parts assembled on-site, with special transport
    > Ø5000mm, H= > 3000mm, individual parts assembled on-site, with special transport

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