Colasit system technology for sustainable breeding of fish, seafood and aquatic plants

Individual solutions in plastic construction

Pump sump and sludge tank made of plastic for aquaculture plants


Pump sump and sludge tank made of plastic for aquaculture plants Colasit designs, plans, produces and installs pump sump and sludge vessels made of polyethylene (PE-HD) or polypropylene (PP) for aquaculture plants according to customer requirements. 

Sump tank for aquaculture plants made of plastic for fish farming and producing seafood and aquatic plants - Colasit
Vessels to separate and extract nitrate and ammonium

The volume for the pump sump is calculated, dimensioned, manufactured and, if required, assembled on site according to the technical requirement and the available local space conditions.

Sludge vessels are usually designed cylindrically and with a conical bottom. Their bottom outlet can be equipped with an agitator. Sludge vessels are available with an overpressure and overflow protection, as well as optionally with continuous fill level measurement (radar) and/or an overflow sensor.

For sludge treatment we offer process tanks for coagulation and flocculation. Lamella pack lamella clarifiers or vortex and sedimentation settling tanks complete the Colasit product range for the sludge settling process. The nitrate and ammonium contained in the sludge can be used as a fertiliser and is assimilated by plants (metabolic conversion).

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